About Consumer Mailing List

Consumer mailing lists are those lists that are comprised solely of consumers; no businesses and corporations are included on the list. These mailing lists are used by businesses in order to advertise special offers to consumers on a regular basis. Consumers will have had to “opt-in” to the mailing list in order to receive the special offers from the businesses which means they will have had to agree to receive the advertisements at some point or another.Quite often consumers will not remember having signed up on a consumer mailing list and will, therefore, complain about being on the mailing list. This is unfortunate and can cost the business time and money since, if a lawsuit is filed against them, they will need to research their records to find exactly when the consumer signed up to be on the mailing list and agreed to receive the advertisements. This can be an expensive endeavor for the business.Consumer mailing lists can be segmented according to geographic location, occupation, age, family size, or any number of other criteria. There can even be a complicated mix of the criteria so the advertising campaign will be sent to a very targeted group. It really depends on how sophisticated the holding company is with the consumer mailing list.Mailing lists can be used for direct mail, which is the regular postal mail or “snail mail”, or for email campaigns. Either way, the consumer mailing list needs to be compliant with certain laws that regulate how it can be used, how often it may be used, and to what extent.

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